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Our goals at Camp I Can are simple, to be an extension of a warm home environment that aids in the development of a child’s emotional needs while also building their sensory, social, imaginative skills. 

As a family-centered childcare institution, we work to strengthen the relationship between children, their families, their communities and society. We understand that culture, diversity, community and public policy affect child and family development.


Camp I Can follows five key principles:

  • Each family has its own characteristics, strengths and resources.
  • Children and their families are part of a community.
  • Families have the most influence on their children.
  • There are many ways for a family to be involved with a child’s care.
  • Families and staff both have something to offer each other.


Our commitment to family-centered care means:

  • Family members are encouraged to become involved in our programs.
  • We promote partnership with families through communication such as newsletters and special events.
  • We respect and support parents’ effort to advocate for their child.
  • We respect and honour family diversity and values.
  • We work to develop relationship that build trust and confidence.

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1300 Mack Todd Road

Zebulon, N.C. 27597

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